Lubuntu 13.04 PPC Testing

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Sat Apr 6 20:56:47 UTC 2013


there was not a beta-1 release of PPC-alternate (just as there is not one
for beta-2). Once the dailies start to rebuild, please feel free to test
(and get others to test). Lubuntu would love to have both -desktop and
-alternate out for very architecture we support; this can only happen if
people roll their sleeves up and help test :)

Head over to for details on joining
lubuntu-qa, details on PPC-MAC and links to how more information  on
testing and reporting bugs. The lubuntu-qa email list is the better one to
ask for help on, none of us bite :)

Thanks for the interest you have shown in helping test PPC, we really do
need each and every tester across all our proposed iso releases,


On 6 April 2013 21:49, Str8bs <str8bslinux at> wrote:

> Greetings,
> Phil mentioned in the forum that beta1 was missed. I'm not familiar
> with how the release schedule works.
> Does this mean testing PPC 13.04 beta 1 alternate would be a waste of time?
> When installing on older (G3) hardware, I usually prefer the alternate
> due to they usually also have low ram.
> Thank you.
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