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Fri Apr 5 22:58:00 UTC 2013

On 04/05/2013 09:47 AM, Phill Whiteside wrote:
> Hi,
> the final beta test case is now released [1], this will allow you to 
> see what the final release will look like as it has all the artwork 
> and applications etc. in it.
> As always, many thanks to those who tested it and are ensuring that 
> 13.04 is our best release so far!
> Regards,
> Phill.
> 1.
> -- 

I have done some testing with the beta release announced above, but I 
don't remember where you need me to report the results of my testing.

In particular, I installed it on my HP-Vectra 450 mhz. machine, and 
installed updates (there were 10.4 megabytes of them).

13.04 exhibits the same problem as 12.10 (and 12.04), where the software 
updater window goes away, and there is no indication (other than by 
closely watching the Task Manager window) that the process has completed.

The installation went fine, and didn't take overly long to complete.  
Installation was faster using a USB drive in a USB 2.0 port.

Also, by using a startup-USB drive (instead of a CD), it installed 
without any problems with only 512 megabytes of RAM, as Ali suggested.

I have also increased my swap partition as part of the installation 
process, but it appeared to have no affect on the software updater problem.

-- Sincerely, Aere
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