Broken things after updating PCManFM with lubuntu-dev PPA (September 29)

Sandor Ortegon sandortegon at
Sun Sep 30 06:41:36 UTC 2012


This mail is just to report that september 29 upgrade of several 
programs (libfm, pcmanfm, etc) using lubuntu-dev PPA has broken several 
things. I mention this, because this PPA has allowed me to upgrade 
several programs so I have been able to enjoy the latest PCManFM, the 
latest gpicview, among other. And I never had a problem ... until today. 
Just in case, I am using Lubuntu Precise.

I used the Update Manager and made the upgrade in the night of September 
29 and now I am experience the problem that icons cannot be moved on the 
desktop (they ended up sorted in Alphabetical Order) and arranged as 
before and when I open PCManFM to manipulate several files, sometimes I 
cannot highlight a selected entry (so I am not sure if I selected the 
right one, because it doesn't highlight the entry) ... this happens at 
least when I try to edit the files in the desktop directory.

In other words, I am experiencing this weird behavior that I never had 
in more than a year using Lubuntu, so I guess there was something really 
wrong with today's update in this PPA. Then I considered it was worth 
reporting it using this mailing list.

Thanks for your attention

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