Apport in Lubuntu 12.10 Beta

Pascual Lucero pascualucero at
Sun Sep 30 04:15:49 UTC 2012


I was thinking in installing Lubuntu 12.10 Beta now, but I read the
following in Ubuntu website:

"Automatic Apport crash reporting has been enabled by default again to
catch problems early on. It now checks for duplicates on the client
which will avoid uploading debug data and creating Launchpad bug reports
unnecessarily in many cases now. "

I remember when I installed Lubuntu 12.04 (the official release, not a
beta) that all these notifications were absolutely annoying and I remember
it was complicated to me to disable that feature (actually, I ended up
removing apport, which created later several problems with other
applications ... i.e, I didn't knew how to disable it correctly).

Is there a way to disable this feature efficiently? Do I need to wait for
an official release in October 18 just in order to avoid this feature? ...
Furthermore, does this automatic reporting will be in Lubuntu 12.10
official release?

Thanks for your attention,
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