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Wed Sep 26 07:52:29 UTC 2012

Greetings All,

I have been a fan and user of Linux since 1998! I have tried several
distros, from Red Hat when it was free, Mandrake, Turbo, and so on! I have
never been involved with a distro project and I have always wanted to
contribute to this fabulous movement some how.  In 2006 I started using
Ubuntu and I have not looked back.  I was a strict KDE user until then!
 The whole meaning of Ubuntu and what the project stand for, has converted
me to a complete Linux user instead of a virtual user.  I now run Windows
virtually from Linux! I have no doubt that Linux is about to take over the
OS market and Ubuntu will be leading the way!!!

Now, since Ubuntu 11.10 the system started becoming more of a hardware
hog!!! Unfortunately, I have always been a fan of Linux because of it low
hardware resource usage.  I have some pretty old stuff running now and I
must say that Lubuntu has made my machines run much faster and bring a new
since of involvement for me with Linux.  Thanks so much for adding to this
project I would like to lend my services wherever the greatest needs lie.

Finally in over a decade of using Linux distros I must say that this in one
of the best simple implementations available!!! Continue to keep up the
good work!!!

Be Blessed!!!

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