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John Hupp lubuntu at
Sun Sep 16 16:49:55 UTC 2012

I'm new to Linux, and I have been starting to test Lubuntu 12.04's 
multimedia handling abilities. (See my thread: [Lubuntu] Progress on 
playing a CD?)

I'm still working that CD-playing angle, and have a bit to contribute here.

VLC is memory-sensitive and has choppy/stuttering CD play at 386 MB.  
But it performed just fine on a machine with 512 MB.  One might wonder 
if the 386 MB PC is under-spec, but I find no separate 
minimum/recommended memory spec for Lubuntu.  It seems to inherit the 
Ubuntu spec on that point: 64 MB minimum, 256 MB recommended -- though I 
have to wonder if that can be current. (BTW, I highly value apps that 
"just work," even if they are a bit heavier, so this is not a 
deal-breaker in my own view.  I submit it here just to add to the facts.)

Audacious has good CD playing performance even at 386 MB.

Gnome Mplayer just crashes on both machines.

On 9/12/2012 11:45 PM, Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset wrote:
>     > > VLC is always the "just works" solution, but it is QT and brings
>     > > those additional dependancies along with it. This could be
>     > > prohibitive for fitting on a cd. Is it possible to subtract both
>     > > Audacious and Gnome-mplayer to offset that? VLC would then become
>     > > the overall one-stop media center of Lubuntu. I have a feeling
>     a QT
>     > > app will never happen in a Lubuntu release. Before anyone should
>     > > say that VLC is not "light" enough, my computer is similarly
>     > > spec'ed to jpxsat. It runs VLC very well.
>     >
>     > Mplayer is definitely lighter than VLC.
> Why? I find this Not definitely true. As I said previously, my old 
> machine a Pentium 3 1000mhz & 512mb ram run VLC perfectly and mplayer 
> just does not work well (since 10.04 I always switch to VLC).
>     > I would not recommend to remove audacious as a audio player as it is
>     > way faster and better in handling audio then VLC.
> Additionally, is nice, lightweight and a good player :)
>     > So I suggest fixing and finding the bugs you report instead of
>     > switching completely away from mplayer & gnome-mplayer.
> But why keep an app that does not work well? I insist in one fact: VLC 
> works splendid and just as when we voted for our new music player, 
> Audacious won because of many reasons, and one of them was that it's a 
> well supported app that just works perfectly. Same goes for VLC now... 
> and it works, without have to begin to fix anything.
> And beleive me, you want new comers to Lubuntu? VLC is a good move for 
> that ;)

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