Video Player change proposal

Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset jpxsat at
Thu Sep 13 03:45:06 UTC 2012

> > > VLC is always the "just works" solution, but it is QT and brings
> > > those additional dependancies along with it. This could be
> > > prohibitive for fitting on a cd. Is it possible to subtract both
> > > Audacious and Gnome-mplayer to offset that? VLC would then become
> > > the overall one-stop media center of Lubuntu. I have a feeling a QT
> > > app will never happen in a Lubuntu release. Before anyone should
> > > say that VLC is not "light" enough, my computer is similarly
> > > spec'ed to jpxsat. It runs VLC very well.
> >
> > Mplayer is definitely lighter than VLC.
Why? I find this Not definitely true. As I said previously, my old machine
a Pentium 3 1000mhz & 512mb ram run VLC perfectly and mplayer just does not
work well (since 10.04 I always switch to VLC).

> I would not recommend to remove audacious as a audio player as it is
> > way faster and better in handling audio then VLC.
Additionally, is nice, lightweight and a good player :)

>  > So I suggest fixing and finding the bugs you report instead of
> > switching completely away from mplayer & gnome-mplayer.
But why keep an app that does not work well? I insist in one fact: VLC
works splendid and just as when we voted for our new music player,
Audacious won because of many reasons, and one of them was that it's a well
supported app that just works perfectly. Same goes for VLC now... and it
works, without have to begin to fix anything.

And beleive me, you want new comers to Lubuntu? VLC is a good move for that
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