Video Player change proposal

Ronnie contact at
Tue Sep 11 18:54:37 UTC 2012

go try to watch some streaming videos with gecko,,, like divx and such

and streaming not download then watch but actual streaming,,, bet ya
can't with gecko,,

like i said mplayer is fine the gecko plugin sucks

On Tue, 11 Sep 2012 20:12:08 +0200
Leszek Lesner <leszek.lesner at> wrote:

> Am Dienstag, 11. September 2012, 13:50:23 schrieb Ronnie:
> > I agree,  gnome player and the gecko plugin are useless,,, not so
> > much gnomeplayer and mplayer  but particularly gecko plugin,,,,
> > which rarely plays anything.... its a joke,,, vlc doesn't play
> > everything with their web browser plugin, but it does play a lot
> > more than gecko does.. that thing either needs fixed or tossed
> > aside..
> I don't agree. 
> I made the exact opposite experience. The vlc mozilla plugin never
> worked for me. The only one that worked almost everywhere was the
> gecko-mediaplayer plugin. Its the only plugin(besides the gstreamer
> ones that are awfully slow) that works for me out of the box with
> (see
> lubuntu-and-the-default-configuration-6347556)
> > I have never been able to get mplayer or mplayer2 to work. Believe
> > me I have tried for HOURS. I have recompiled it, downloaded 1.0.6
> > versions from Launchpad, tried all combinations of frontends,
> > etc... It never works. I now consider it broken and don't even
> > bother with it.
> It works very well here so it can't be broken :P 
> If it does not work for you. Do you have an error message or
> something that helps to figure out whats wrong ? 
> I am very suprised thats not working for you as I am using it several
> years and well it is also way faster on older machines than vlc ever
> was. 
> > VLC is always the "just works" solution, but it is QT and brings
> > those additional dependancies along with it. This could be
> > prohibitive for fitting on a cd. Is it possible to subtract both
> > Audacious and Gnome-mplayer to offset that? VLC would then become
> > the overall one-stop media center of Lubuntu. I have a feeling a QT
> > app will never happen in a Lubuntu release. Before anyone should
> > say that VLC is not "light" enough, my computer is similarly
> > spec'ed to jpxsat. It runs VLC very well.
> Mplayer is definitely lighter than VLC. 
> I would not recommend to remove audacious as a audio player as it is
> way faster and better in handling audio then VLC. 
> So I suggest fixing and finding the bugs you report instead of
> switching completely away from mplayer & gnome-mplayer. 

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