Incomplete shutdown on some LTSP clients (shutdown hangs/freezes)

Yorvyk yorvik.ubunto at
Mon Sep 3 16:07:45 UTC 2012

On 03/09/12 03:58, Phill Whiteside wrote:
> Hiyas JM,
> I'm not even sure if it is the same bug, mine pops up on VMs, these guys
> see it on hard ware. They could be totally un-related. But I will spin
> up a coup,e of VM's and see if I can get it replicate. I only usually
> see it after the initial installation when it does the initial re-start.
> The other OP is going to detail things more closely as he seems to be
> able to replicate it.
> regards,
> Phill.
> On 3 September 2012 02:50, Jonathan Marsden <jmarsden at
> <mailto:jmarsden at>> wrote:
>     On 09/02/2012 01:59 PM, Phill Whiteside wrote:
>      > I've had what appears to be very similar behaviour reported on a
>     VM, ...
>     Is this replicable?  That is, can you create a new VM and install
>     Lubuntu into it, carefully recording what options you choose as you do
>     so, and get this behaviour, every time you try?
>     If so, *please* do fully and clearly document the process to reproduce
>     the issue in a VM, including exact versions of host OS, virtualbox, and
>     guest OS.  The chances of getting someone to look at this in depth will
>     improve immensely if the dev concerned does not need to have the exact
>     right piece of old PC hardware around to test with.
>     If you do a good enough job that I can duplicate the issue here, I might
>     even take a quick look myself, although I'm not a kernel or ACPI guru...
>     Jonathan

Some reading matter that may be of help:

I have a couple of machines that exhibit this problem and will be trying 
the various suggestions from the above this evening.


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