A couple of 'howto launch things' questions

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Wed Oct 31 13:16:15 UTC 2012

I have a minimal lubuntu installation on my acer-aspire netbook.

I'm mostly a command line junkie and do most of my work from a terminal
window but I do like to have a couple of GUI applications which I can
launch easily and quickly (e.g. lxterminal and firefox).

So, how can I add quick launchers for them:-

    To the panel?  I just want an lxterminal and a firefox icon in the
    panel that I click on to launch.  I can't see how to do this at the
    moment. (In xfce you just drag the icon from the application menu to
    the panel but this doesn't work in lubuntu)

    Can I add a menu (even just the application menu) that will appear
    when I click button 1 on the window background?  Buttons 2 and 3
    already launch menus but button 1 doesn't.  Beaing able to bring up
    the application menu by a click on the background is very useful
    IMHO, you don't have to take the pointer over to the corner of the
    window and click on the panel.

As a general question is there any way to customise the openbox menus?

Chris Green

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