Lubuntu 12.10 Release Candidate (Version October 13) - BIG Problem with Task Bar

Sandor Ortegon sandortegon at
Sun Oct 14 16:58:28 UTC 2012

Hello all (Rafael and all the Lubuntu Community),

A few comments about the problems with task bar an applications.

1) I installed Skype and Thunderbird using the official repositories. 
The only program I installed using a PPA was Jupiter for power management

2) I installed Dropbox using the official web page and the indications 
there: Using the command
cd ~ && wget -O - | tar 
xzf -

3) In the daily build from one week ago, everything was working 
perfectly ... now the three aspects I mentioned in my previous email are 
problematic (and the version of the programs installed is the same). 
Your screenshot is from October 6, i.e, before the changes that might 
have affected Lubuntu.

4) Your screenshot is not representative, because it doesn't correspond 
to the default installation. By the way, which theme do you use? You 
have a dock, different colors ... in other words, very different from 
the default install

To elaborate was is malfunctioning, I show the following link with 
pictures of the latest Lubuntu.

- In the first two, I clicked on the Dropbox status icon and you might 
notice something odd: The Dropbox icon is with full color (the case when 
sync is finished), but I cannot see the latest documents that changed 
and there is no option to click and go to the Dropbox home page, there 
is no information on the percentage of space used. Furthermore, it says 
(in light colors), "connecting", despite the fact syncing was already 
done. In other words, quite different from the usual behavior, like one 
week ago.

- In the last picture, you see the distribution of icons in the task 
bar. Do you see? Too much space between network icon and Dropbox icon 
and a white space between Audacious Icon and Dropbox icon. What happens 
with this space. Is occupied by only an invisible Jupiter icon (power 
management, that it has white color), something that didn't happen before.

In other words, there is actually a problem ... with taskbar behavior 
and some applications. And I know it is recent, because I also made a 
fresh install of Lubuntu in another laptop (same model) one week ago and 
everything was working fine.

Thanks for your attention and hopefully these big problems can be fixed.

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