How to Turn Off Changing Desktops When Scrolling Touchpad in Lubuntu12.04 ?

carsrcoffins23 at
Fri Oct 12 20:04:22 UTC 2012

> Please confirm for 12.04. I'm not seeing this syntax in 12.04. Wish this
> was a GUI checkbox vs. editing a text file for desktop behavior. In any
> event 12.04 file is different from this...thanks.
> > This is what I have and I believe it is standard.
> >      <context name="Desktop">
> >        <mousebind button="Up" action="Click">
> >          <action name="DesktopPrevious"/>
> >        </mousebind>
> >        <mousebind button="Down" action="Click">
> >          <action name="DesktopNext"/>
> >        </mousebind>
> >      [...]
> >      </context>
> > button="Up" is the action to take when you do "scrollwheel up"
> > button="Down" is the action to take when you do "scrollwheel down"
> > If you want no action just remove those sections from the config file.
> > When done issue
> >    openbox --reconfigure

This is actually what the FAQ [1] suggests, too but AFAIK that was fixed a long time ago.

If you want to see what mouse up and down do you can see only the relevant parts of the file with:
$ awk '/.*mousebind button="Up".*|.*mousebind button="Down".*/,/.*\/mousebind.*/' ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml

You can check out my output if it's helpful. Actually, I'll give you my whole native 12.10 lubuntu-rc.xml [2]. Feel free to rename yours and put this in its place and see what happens.



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