Appearance of desktop icons in Lubuntu 12.10

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Fri Oct 12 12:06:38 UTC 2012

目 Fri, 12 Oct 2012 11:39:34 +0530, Hitesh Shah <chimak111 at> 書いた:

> How many states do desktop icons have (normal/default, active, prelight,
> focus, insensitive, selected)? And how may they easily visually be
> differentiated?
> My main problem is like this:
> If I single-click on a desktop  icon (of a .png file), the icon gets a
> light-blue film over it and the text below has a light blue rectangle. Call
> it "State 1".
> (For the remaining icons on the desktop, the desktop wallpaper is visible
> behind the text and between letters of the text.)
> I can now hit enter to open it with Image Viewer. No problem so far.
> Then, if I close Image Viewer, the appearance of the icon and it's text is
> virtually unchanged but if I hit enter, the .png file doesn't open in Image
> Viewer. Nothing happens. Clearly, the icon is now in another "state",
> "State 2".
> Now, if I single-click on the icon and look carefully, the film over the
> icon appears very slightly brighter and then hitting enter opens the file
> in Image Viewer as expected.
> I want to have the visual difference between State 1 and State 2 to be
> enhanced.
> Are there some files I could edit to achieve this?
> I'm running Lubuntu 12.10 (and just a couple of weeks old with Lubuntu).
> (I could do what I wanted when I was using Ubuntu 11.10 and Nautilus:

I'm affraid that the artwork package doesn't control the appearance of launchers / icons behaviour. It's a PCManFM task (the file manager). So the different statuses of any icon depends on it. Not much to do about it here, I'm sorry.

紳癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna)
Lubuntu Artwork Team

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