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PCMan < at> wrote:
> In Midori, when opening several tabs at the same time, the UI just
> hangs for several seconds.
> In chromium, there is nearly no blocking of UI at any time.
> In Midori, this kind of blocks are quite frequent, especially when
> multiple tabs are opened or some heavy pages are being loaded.

and you see this with xxxterm/xombrero? I, so far, have not.

> Browser is one of the biggest security hole of modern operating systems.
> The nature and complexity of web browsers make them more vulnerable
> than other general desktop applications.

agreed, and indeed this is one of many reasons why I suggest change. Read on.

> Stability and security fixes for the browsers are very crucial for the OS.

so true, and yet, we have such a long, long road to get updates to Chromium. At the time of writing, Quantal and Precise basically have the same version, 20.0.1132.47 [1]. Strangely, this is behind Wheezy or Sid in Debian, which is at 21.0.1180.89 [2]. It appears the latest release source is 23.0.1271.33 [3], with the latest trunk being newer than that (can't tell you what; the source browser is being problematic right now). 

comparatively, here's what we have for xxxterm/xombrero:
- Canonical, Debian, Release (xxxterm): 1.11.3 [4][5][6]
- Trunk (xombrero): 1.3.1 [7]

so which one is more updated again?

And stability? Looked at Launchpad [8] lately?

> The risks of using less famous browsers are slower security fixes and
> poorer maintenance due to lack of man power.

see above and consider your statement. If "famousness" is a requirement for success, how the heck did Linux or Lubuntu or LXDE (or PCManFM which is named after its ONE original and still main developer?) ever make it? Furthermore, I would argue that the primary goal of Google is not to ensure security and privacy. I would argue the exact opposite, which many would agree with [9]. They want to make money. That's number one. And if they have to step on a few toes to get there, oh well.

on the other hand, Conformal Systems, xxxterm/xombrero's developer, has one focus: privacy and security— so much so it's on their front page [10]. Maybe you're not aware of why xxxterm/xombrero was developed [11] or its major features, which all relate to secure browsing [12].

> For this obvious reason, I'd rather sacrifice little performance gain
> and to get better security and bug fixes by using a very
> well-maintained browser

good. sounds like you're all for xxxterm/xombrero, then.



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