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Wxl already has a nice response to this, noting that xombrero could be 
configured for Lubuntu to be more palatable for general-duty users.

As a new user of Lubuntu myself, my opinion is that though I like light, 
keyboard-friendly apps and have been regularly annoyed by Linux and 
Windows apps that aren't, that consideration is outweighed by the desire 
to find a familiar and fully functional web browsing experience.  So 
after tripping over Chromium on one bug and deficiency after another 
(the final one being video performance on LTSP clients), I settled on 
Firefox as my Lubuntu browser.  I'll venture to say that a 
less-determined user may have simply chucked Lubuntu, since my four apps 
of most importance are, in order: web browser, email client (preferably 
with a good personal information manager), word processor, accounting 
program.  I load those in the morning and use them all day long.

So though I'm game for whatever the Lubuntu community arrives at, I 
think that the web browsing solution should be VERY well hammered out.

On 10/9/2012 6:53 PM, matt wrote:
> On 10/09/2012 01:18 PM, lubuntu-users-request at wrote:
>> I just looked through the raw mbox of the list which goes back to 
>> 2012 and the last message on the only thread (besides this one) 
>> doesn't really come to any conclusion whatsoever [1] and certainly no 
>> mention of unstable and lacking features. In what way do you feel it 
>> is is unstable and lacking features? Also re: xombrero, if you read 
>> my original message [2] you'll find that I mention they're one in the 
>> same, only renamed. wxl [1] 
>> [2] 
>> ------------------------------ 
>     The thread I am referring to was from earlier this year when there 
> were suggestions about changes in default applications for the 12.10 
> release. Midori, xxxterm and maybe one other were suggested. I 
> personally tried all of them out and they were all very crash prone. 
> Midori was the most feature rich of the bunch.
>     I ran Xombrero earlier today and I will say it is much more stable 
> than xxxterm, but it did crash once. As far as features it has few. 
> Navigational buttons, an address bar, a search bar, and a button that 
> tells me what page I am already on. The layout would indicate it 
> supports tabs but I saw nothing to indicate how to open a new tab. I 
> didn't see anything for bookmarks, history, preferences of any kind. 
> No audio or video capabilities nor anyway for those to be added that 
> is readily apparent. My feeling is that if this were to be shipped as 
> the default browser of a distro it would be immediately replaced by 
> the user. The Googles and Firefox are easier and more capable at this 
> point for a casual user.

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