Preferred applications ignored in LXDE

maps.backward at
Tue Oct 9 15:50:48 UTC 2012

On Tue, 09 Oct 2012 17:39:02 +0200
Martin Bagge / brother <brother at> wrote:

> On 2012-10-09 17:21, Lars Nooden wrote:
> > I installed xxxterm and now when I click on links in Sylpheed (and
> > other apps) it gets called up instead of Chromium-browser.  I have
> > set Chromium as the preferred application in LXDE
> > Menu->Preferences->Preferred Applications, yet these settings are
> > ignored.

> update-alternatives --config x-www-browser

I was just working on figuring this out. Unfortunately, on a default system, even with xxxterm installed (the installation doesn't add it to x-www-browser), --display x-www-browser only gives you chromium-browser. To add xxxterm you need to use -install <link> <name> <path> <priority> but it's not clear to me what the difference between link and path is and what the priority should be.

I would add that I would expect Preferred Applications to be affecting update-alternatives. OF course, there's no mail/email and you won't find sylpheed in --get-selections. This suggests some other mechanism which appears to not be working correctly if you can set it to something and it doesn't work. I suggest a bug.

Meanwhile, it would be useful to figure out update-alternatives.


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