lxkeymap foreign keyboard settings (de) on 12.10ppc

leszek.lesner at web.de leszek.lesner at web.de
Mon Nov 19 08:28:54 UTC 2012

have you disabled the FN keys with pommed ? 
Von meinem Nokia N9 gesendet

UH schrieb am 19.11.12 08:49:

Finally, i managed to set up the keyboard to macintosh german (on a PB
G4 running lubuntu 12.10).

Before, i was only capable to do that by 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure
keyboard-configuration' and then 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales'. Now,
that's really nice news! But, one drawback remains:

I'm loosing the console access (ctrl-alt-f1 thru f6 and ctrl-alt-f7 to
get back). Those continue to not work, when i set the keyboard to
german. And this only happens on the ppc, not with intel or amd


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