lubuntu artwork -- two versions?

Phill Whiteside PhillW at
Fri Nov 16 05:57:21 UTC 2012


one thing be sure of... artwork will not 'break' your system (well 99% of
the time it will not). The new artworks will update because you have that
PAA enabled. I repeat, if you accept a test PPA then you need to know that
until & unless you remove it - you will get the work from those areas. If
the 13.04 area is bothering you, simply follow the instructions as to how
to remove and revert back.

You pointed out that some things concerned to descriptions being able to be
used by users; and stated it was not the fault of the system, but that of
the user......
When those users where requiring a little assistance you were 'less than
kind' in your replies.
The shoe is on the other foot now, owing to the fact it has been thrown
across the room at you.
One of our testers is an advocate for lubuntu and with the people he works
with, we aim to make lubuntu explainable to those who need it. My Nephew is
Autistic. You 'mock' them as the 'fault is theirs' yet you are not be able
to follow a clearly explained set of instructions as to how to deal with a
simple addition, removal and revert of a PPA?

It is time you learned to walk before you try running.


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