Mouse cursor theme and Customize Look and Feel

Ryan Porter websterhamster at
Sun Nov 11 16:27:24 UTC 2012

>Can someone please confirm what I'm seeing? My set-up is a standard Lubuntu
>12.10 install, fully updated on a Dell 1545 laptop.

I have had this problem since I very first started on Linux back in
2009, I think. It was Ubuntu 9.04, and it had this problem. I used
galternatives to fix it.

I did some research and this appears to be a bug Ubuntu has had for many
years, and never fixed. Hint: If Lubuntu fixed this bug, we'd have
something that the other flavors don't have! (an edge in the distro
market ;)

Until this issue is solved, perhaps galternatives could be shipped with
Lubuntu in the next release? Just a suggestion.


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