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I wanna do this last time and have some code that does not work yet.
My original plan was to build a mixer which supports different backends.
ALSA is only available on Linux, and at least we may need to support OSS,
OSS4, pulseaudio.
Using GstMixer provided by gstreamer can achieve this and xfce mixer does
However it creates dependency on gstreamer. (not all gstremer plugins are
needed, only the basic ones, which is not large).
I studied the API for different sound systems and found that they are very
GStreamer team really did a great job to provide a consistent mixer API for
If we're going to do it ourselves and do not use gstreamer mixer APIs, we
need to do similar things.
There are actually several lightweight gtk+-based ALSA mixer which uses
ALSA and gtk+ only.
I even found one written in plain C, which is good.
None of them, however, can support other sound systems.
Currently I cannot find a nice and clean mixer which is not Linux-specific.
Can we create one?

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>  Hi, i sent this message to the list but it was too heavy (an image was
> attached), so the moderator had to approve it. Nevermind, here it is.
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> Hi Guys, i have been working on a mixer for alsa in these days, so this is
> how is at the moment:
> GMixer <>
> I'm not sure about the layout (if keep the "vertical style" or use the
> more classic "horizontal style"), i'm trying to make something more modern
> than other mixers like gnome-alsamixer (which somebody suggested, but it
> has some huge dependencies). I called it GMixer because it just a Gtk mixer
> for alsa, so it suitable for any Gtk desktop environment.
> Do you have any suggestion?
> Cheers!
> Stephen Smally
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