Lubuntu Blueprint for Quantal approved

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at
Fri May 25 04:30:20 UTC 2012

The Lubuntu blueprint at

was approved a few hours ago.

Now we all know what the Lubuntu team goals are for this cycle!  (Of
course the blueprint will continue to change, some work items may prove
impossible to get done this time around, etc. but in principle, we know
what we are aiming for in Quantal).

Now, all we have to do is implement all of these 35 work items :)

Please would everyone on the Lubuntu team take a careful look at this
blueprint, subscribe to it if you have any interest in monitoring it as
it changes, and check whether there are any work items listed which you
feel you can either do, or help with.

If there are any such items that interest you, speak up here on the
list, and if appropriate edit the blueprint to indicate you are taking
ownership of an item (only if you are sure you really will make a
serious attempt at implementing it!) ... and then get busy and work on it!

If you want to comment on any of the work items, adding a constructive
comment to the blueprint whiteboard is encouraged.

Equally, if you read this blueprint, and don't see something that you
expected to be there, some work item that you feel *really* needs to be
done by the Lubuntu team for Quantal, then I suggest that you speak up
about that, on this list, ASAP.



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