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Thu May 17 05:03:25 UTC 2012

Please, stop the arguments and spend the time to do real development.
Aren't we here to create a better system?
We already went far enough and it's no longer just scratching the
developers itch.
Otherwise, who needs the configuration dialogs and care about usability?
Of course we can handle config files and tolerate some UI glitches.
We do care about newbie and normal users.
No matter what's final choice, some will like and others will not.
We just can try to make things more customizable as it's not possible to
please all the people all the time.
However, it's not all that bad. The other parts of the system are still
Moreover, if you don't like Lubuntu, you can contrbute to debian and the
fixes can still be used by both.
If you don't like Lubuntu and want to use one of its derivatives, help the
development of Lubuntu can still benefit others.
If you don't like the distrubation, you can still help some upstream
projects used in the distro.
Even when you fork some projects, we can still pull your enhancement back
and merge them with ours.
Even when the people arguing with each other are not in the same community,
the contribution they've done can still be shared with each other. This is
what we call free software. Isn't that great?
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