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Matthew Byers <faintstlsaint at gmail.com> wrote:

> I beg to differ Kelly. If you are a customer than that implies
> monetary involvement [. . .].

Not necessarily so.  What "customer" does directly imply is *a* person
(a natural human being), aka, customer and shall be treated as such.
It also implies anyone who does use a product whether or not a
pecuniary transfer took place or not.

User, on the other hand, implies a lesser form of being or non-being
(company, corporation, etc.) and, as such, can be outright ignored,
ridiculed, etc.

> You speak of business and also a Democratic
> voting right. The two do not go together at all.

If I go into a small business and tell the owner I need 'X' part for
whatever, that business owner will do his best to get what I need and
continue to carry it. At the same time if said small business owner
changes an entire product line from one brand to another I have seen it
where 40 - 60 people from the community, over the course of a single
business day, go into that store and "visit" (as we call it) with the
business owner. And yes, when the smoke cleared and the dust had
settled, the new product line brand was changed back to the old product
line brand.  And everybody was happy ... including the small business

So, yes, the two can and do go together.

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