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Sun Mar 18 23:47:21 UTC 2012

Le 03/18/2012 06:13 PM, Ali Linx (amjjawad) a écrit :
> In 16-12-2011 (still have that Email), I was asking about the
> Financial Support for Lubuntu, etc and today, I got a Private Message
> on Ubuntu Forum:
> This is the message that was sent:
>     ***************
>     I just had a quick question on how to support Lubuntu financially.
>     I have looked everywhere but I have not found anywhere a way to
>     send money for Lubuntu development.
>     I feel it is a good thing to pay for software even it is free.
>     Many others like LibreOffice do offer that option.
>     May be you could let me know if that is possible.
>     Thx for your help, Roman
>     ***************
There are several "problems" to set up Financial support :
- Do we, as an Ubuntu derivative, can receive financial support ? We
depends on Ubuntu, and on some of their resources (ISO building, help
from Canonical developpers ...), so why just take the money for us ?
They deserve it also (at least, part of it).
- Do we, as a distribution, can receive financial support ? We "just"
takes some pieces from the open source world (kernel, gcc, LXDE, Xorg
...). so why just take the money for us ? They deserve it also
- And finally, how to use it ? Pay people who develop ? But why not
people who test ? Who spread the Lubuntu word ? Everyone deserve it.

I'm quite uncomfortable when we talk about this. It's IMO a very
sensitive topic.

If I have to give my opinion, I'll organize it like this :
- Give a part to other free software application we used : first LXDE,
after Ubuntu, Debian, and other small projects (like Sylpheed,
Gnome-Mplayer ...).
- Keep the rest to organize events where people from Lubuntu team can
work on Lubuntu (like hackfest, or documentation workshop etc ...).
Problem is to find the good % for each one :)

Julien Lavergne

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