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Pierre Gobin pierre.gobin at sfr.fr
Wed Mar 14 16:40:53 UTC 2012

I was talking about the *.desktop files. I will try to contact the 
different program's mainteners.
Thanks for your help.

Pierre Gobin

Le 14/03/2012 17:03, Stephen Smally a écrit :
> I'm not sure if you are speaking about the programs names, the 
> categories names or the program translation.
> In case of categories name you have to look in the package 
> lxmenu-data, in case of program names (or description) you have to 
> look in the program-project homepage, since the menu entry is provided 
> by a .desktop file shipped with the package of the program itself.
> In case of wide-program translation (eg, the menu of firefox is not 
> translated) you have to look again in the program home page, and see 
> how they suggest to translate (usually this is made via the gnu 
> gettext tool and a list of .po files, which contains the information 
> for the translation (also you have to check if the program is really 
> translatable).
> Stephen Smally
>> ---- Aan Mon, 12 Mar 2012 23:10:15 +0100 *Pierre 
>> Gobin<pierre.gobin at sfr.fr <mailto:pierre.gobin at sfr.fr>>* schreef ----
>>     Hi,
>>     In my local language (French), some applications in the menu are
>>     still
>>     not translated in Lubuntu 12.04. I wanted to know where I could
>>     propose
>>     translations for them ?
>>     Regards,
>>     Pierre Gobin
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