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Yorvyk yorvik.ubunto at
Fri Mar 9 11:22:37 UTC 2012

On Fri, 9 Mar 2012 06:59:22 -0400
Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset <jpxsat at> wrote:

> >
> > Perhaps emphasis on the cross platform nature of the apps would be better.
> Completely Agree! - This is SO important to a LOT of people i know, they
> like having they programs on every system!!
> Other thing that i was searching for when i was a newbie, was the average
> ram/cpu consumption of the system - I know that this depends of many
> factors (actually my beta 1 is consuming 600mb Ram???!!! -i have 4gb
> installed-), but maybe some numbers instead of simply say "it's
> lightweight" would be nice ;)
The amount of RAM consumed depends on the amount in the machine.  Linux tries to use as enough RAM as it can for each app rather then shunting it off to disk (swap).


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