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matt davis mtthwldvs at
Tue Jun 19 14:44:24 UTC 2012

> I'm that fellow and I SO much thank you for your help so far... now, I
> should edit openbox menu file and add the script? how's that gonna
> work in Lubuntu? I should then show the WM menu with the right click?

Absolutely right, Jean-Pierre. It's a shame because the LXDE right click menu is more familiar to a Windows convert but this will only work with the wm menu.
Then, if you are using Obmenu (which may not be in default install but is easily available in Synaptic) add this script as a pipe menu and name it Recent Files or Documents or whatever you like. In the execute box place the exact path to the script. Once it is in place the user will just right click the desktop, move the mouse over Recent Files, and a menu with 15 most recent files/folders will auto popout. If you use Obmenu just make sure it is editing the menu in ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml, because mine always default opens up with the Debian menu from some other location.
> Maybe there's somebody out there capable and willing to add that
> script to lxmenu :D ??

I did try this on a wim but it didn't work. Openbox menus are in xml format, the file is in xbel format, and LXDE menus are in xdg format. So this scripts gets the xbel file into the OB xml menu. In order to put the xbel file into the xdg menu would then require a different solution than this one, but I am sure it is entirely possible.

I applaud you, Jean-Pierre, for pushing a Linux revolution in your workplace. It is no small feat and is a victory for us all when things like this happen. 

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