Re: "free" list provider (was: Re: Is there a problem with the mailing    list

Geoffrey De Belie computergeoffrey at
Tue Jun 19 09:10:17 UTC 2012

 > There's free-list: 
 > They are a free list hosting service (in all senses of free, as in free  
 > software). Their service is psecialised and reserved to "science & technology"  
 > discussion groups; there is even a "Linux & JUNIX" category of lists (see  
 > For all those reasons, I guess it is a  
 > perfect match for a lubuntu mailing list. See also below quote of their "about"  
 > page (). 
 > What do you think? 
 > PS: I have long searched for such a service, exactly, and free-lists is the only  
 > one I have ever found. A breath of fresh air... (esp when coming from  
 > google/yahoo). Don't know why it is not more well known. Do you? 
 > Denis 
Can you register a mailing list over there? :) To try it out. 


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