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On 06/12/2012 09:21 PM, graysooner wrote:
> The emphasis should be on fast on all hardware.  I do not have any 
> "old" computers, but my family does have (cheap) lightweight 
> computers.  Please don't demean Lubuntu by relegating it to old, 
> dusty, unused machines!
> On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 1:24 PM, spir <denis.spir at 
> <mailto:denis.spir at>> wrote:
>     On 10/06/2012 15:14, Daniel McGuire wrote:
>         "WOW Lubuntuis a project created to enlighten the whole world
>         with the power of
>         Linux generally and Lubuntu specifically and tell the untold
>         story about a
>         unique system that could breath a new life into an ancient
>         machine instead of
>         breathing the dust somewhere in the dark"
>     I think everyone should stop insisting on the fact Lubuntu is for
>     old rusty hardware. It's true, but it's only part of the story (I
>     guess). Here are my views on the topic:
>     * Hardware only a few years old, but low-level (the kind poor
>     people buy) also suffer from the constant bloat in requirements
>     imposed by pachyderms like compiz.
>     * Even owners of brand new and decently powerful hardware will
>     beneficiate of light, reactive, well-designed systems.
>     * In any case, spoiling resources for about no gain is *bad*:
>     morally, ecologically, etc...
>     As an amateur programmer, I am far to be obsessed with efficiency,
>     but each time I can spare resources without sacrificing too much
>     important aspects of development (code clarity, programmer time,
>     maintenance...), I am pleased to do it.
>     Denis
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+1, Lubuntu not only works on old hardware, it also works REALLY FAST on 
newer hardware. I think it should stop being advertised that Lubuntu 
works on older hardware, as this may imply to some people that it is 
primarily made for older hardware, which it is not. It is advertised 
(besides working on older hardware) that Lubuntu also works on newer 
hardware. This, again, implies that it is primarily made for older 
hardware, which it is not. I think advertisement should just be kept at 
"Lubuntu breathes life into older machines you thought were long gone."
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