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Karl Anliot kanliot at
Thu Jun 7 23:02:12 UTC 2012

Hello Smile4ever.  I'm the official Lubuntu wiki editor.

Your page shows that you have talent, and I appreciate your effort.
But, I'm going to use the page I linked earlier.

There's only one major problem with your page.  That is, important
things need to be at the top.  For example, the installer locks up on
low RAM pc's.  Also when users don't check their CD, they get "error
5" like this guy did yesterday:

One difference between your page and mine, is that your page has good
descriptions of each item of interest.  For example, my page doesn't
describe "LiveCDs"
I'm interested in why you think we need good descriptions.  Isn't it
easier to get someone to start using twitter, than to explain to
her/him what it does exactly?


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