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On Sun, 2012-07-29 at 16:03 -0700, Ron Mitchell wrote:

> Again... from the "am I the only one with this problem?" department...
> Noticing that in terminal (XTerm), if I do a ls command:
> cd /
> cd /etc
> ls
> the left most character of each directory entry is clipped, or appears outside the screen margins. Probably not a big problem, but annoying if I'm looking for something over there.
> As a workaround I find that going to <preferences>/<OpenBox Configuration Manager>/<Margins>, I can adjust the left and right margins inward by 10 pixels and that cures the problem.
> My computer is an eMac with ATI Radeon 9200 video card. 1 Gig RAM and a 1.2 Gig G4 processor
> Anybody notice anything similar?
> Ron Mitchell
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> Ron Mitchell <rm2892 at>


I noticed with one of my older machines (one that has a graphics card
that does not properly display the "Lubuntu" with the dots under it
during the boot process), on 11.10, I had to press the "Auto adjust"
button on the monitor after booting, or things on the screen would be
cut off at the edges.  

But that problem went away with 12.04.  I have not had to hit the
auto-adjust monitor button any more (though it still doesn't display
properly during the boot process).  


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