Laptop doesn't switch to external monitor

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Sun Jul 29 19:03:26 UTC 2012

Hi Alexander,

this is an old posting, but will hopefully give you some pointers is the more up to date wiki



On 29 July 2012 19:04, Alexander Andjelkovic <andjelkovic at> wrote:

> Hello folks,
> I've got an Asus 1001PX netbook running Lubuntu which I want to
> connect to an external monitor through VGA. Unfortunetly it doesn't
> work as the external monitor just goes to sleep when I enable it in
> LXrandr. The monitor isn't broken, as it works on other machines.
> I'm not sure what's wrong, but I believe it could be my graphics card
> not being configured to use multiple/external displays. I have some
> vague memory of having to do xorg.conf changes some year ago.
> The desired solution is to either clone the laptop screen to VGA, or
> to extend the desktop, either would be fine. I've attached some system
> info that might be of use.
> Please help a gimp use a normal sized monitor while using GIMP. [some
> sort of pun intended, meh :).]
> Regards,
> Alexander Andjelkovic
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