possible problem - July 24 and July 27 release Lubuntu Quantal

Ron Mitchell rm2892 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 03:40:48 UTC 2012

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing the following.

Used zsync to update the July 24th build.

After installing today's build I attempted to use Software Updater. It appeared to start normally and to tell me that updates were available, even though I had told the installer to download updates while installing. 

Clicked on the "Install Updates" button and was asked for authentication. Following that the program exited to the desktop without performing the updates. 

Ran the above steps again, and this time clicked on the "settings" button. A dialogue box appeared subsequently stating that this was a known problem and referred me to bug report #1028388 (link-1)

The bug report does not appear to talk about software updater at all. Could be a problem with the the dependency referred to??  

Any action required on this sort of thing?

Ron M.
Ron Mitchell <rm2892 at gmail.com>


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