Fwd: Quantal Alpha 3 Testing Report

Phill Whiteside PhillW at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 26 21:04:46 UTC 2012

Hi guys,

sterling work from the devs & testers. 100% test rate and 100% pass rate.
No one can ask for more than that. Julien has made a couple of mods for ppc
/ Mac (browser) that will land when the dailies are regenerated tomorrow
evening (UTC).

@lubuntu-users, the A3 is pretty much as the final will be, there is still
some art work to come in and some further minor 'tweaks'. If you install
the A3, then just keeping it updated will take you all the way to final
release without a fresh install. The usual cavaet, it is not a final
release and could get broken during the remainder of the development cycle.
Do take a read of the release notes in the link below.



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Date: 26 July 2012 19:07
Subject: Quantal Alpha 3 Testing Report
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Hi all,

The testing report for Quantal Alpha 3 has been published to


Thanks you to smoser, utlemming, jr, victor.zhou, larsnooden, gregfaith,
sandeep-pn, fabiomarconi, redmar, stgraber, michael-kroll, lyz, colin-king,
patrickdk, james-page, hggdh2, claudio.arseni, psivaa, ogra, smartboyhw,
liquidplay, petermatulis, unit193, yofel, len-ovenwerks, a.rosales,
jiri-podvolecky, ailo.at, robinc, kidsodateless, cc-inc, primes2h,
carla-sella, frombenny, alessiogrossosgarrillo, kaiserclaudius, sjskaggs,
vanhoof, corti-nico, mahmoh and paolorotolo for your help in testing the

irc: jibel

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