LibreOffice 3.5 with Lubuntu 12.04

Peter Hillier-Brook phb at
Mon Jul 23 10:53:40 UTC 2012

On 22/07/12 17:05, Karl Anliot wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 9:49 AM, Peter Hillier-Brook <phb at> wrote:
>> I'm running LO 3.5 under Lubuntu 12.04 and, until recently the relevant
>> icons appeared under "Office" in the menu system. Now they don't and I have
>> to start the program via the command line. Any ideas anyone?
>> For information the installation is the "real" LO installed via dpkg.
>> Peter HB
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> Did it change with an LXPanel update, or with a new install of  Libreoffice?
> If it was an LXPanel update, send me the shortcut files in the
> /usr/share/application directory, if it was a new install of
> libreoffice, you should file a bug against Libreoffice.
> Cheers
Interestingly I have Lubuntu running on 2 systems, a 12 year old Pentium 
tower and an ASUS Eee PC. The Pentium system has the expected menu 
entries for LO, installed from the same .deb files as used to install on 
the Eee PC. Lubuntu in both cases is a fully up to date 12.04, so I 
guess that I'll have to indulge in some config file comparisons.

Thanks for your response.

Peter HB

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