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Fri Jan 27 15:53:19 UTC 2012

Hi Dan,

if the image is a couple of months old, it will be quite out of date now.
Rather than doing a massive zsync (which you can if you wish), it may be
easier to re-download the latest daily build from There is a bug that
affects when you start lubuntu 12-04 you get a blank screen. You can still
type in your password and log-in. See for where we
are up to with it.

As for worrying about meagre skills, do not! The willingness to try the iso
out is all that is required. If you are not familiar with filing bug
reports have a look at  /
ask on the #lubuntu support area or simply just email this list for further
help. We are very short of people with Macs to help with testing, so your
help would be greatly appreciated.

Happy testing!


On 26 January 2012 21:58, Dan Koch <dan at> wrote:

> **
> I found the test iso for Lubuntu 12.04 powerpc about two months ago. I
> burned a copy and ran it as a live CD on my eMac G-4 (3.3) {1GHZ, 1-GB RAM,
> 133 MZ Bus Speed}. It ran spectacularly well – everything just flat worked!
> I couldn’t wait to install it, but when I tried, I got a “bad mirror”
> message and of course, the install failed. I now have Ubuntu 10.10
> installed on this machine and I have to say I’m not at all disappointed,
> but I still wonder how much faster Lubuntu would be. I had wanted to
> participate in the testing, but I looked at the requirements and my meager
> skills would end up wasting everyone’s time. Is there a fix for this coming
> or already here? Will there be an official Ppc version released? Thanks for
> your time.****
> ** **
> **Dan Koch******
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