Where can I report a PCManFM bug??

UH uhtlmk at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 29 14:17:00 UTC 2012

2012/2/29 Gabriel Salles <gabrielpereca at gmail.com>:
> Hi everybody!
> Someone just send me an e-mail asking for help with a kind of bug in
> Lubuntu. I found the solution, but it is not the most simple thing, so I
> would like to report this as a bug. I went to Launchpad and it is not
> possible to report there.. Someone knows where is the right place??
> I will explain here the bug if someone wants to see...
> When I click at the desktop with the right button and then I choose Desktop
> Preferences (I'm not sure if is written exactly like this in english) a new
> window will pop up. At the Advanced tab, I have just one option to click
> (something to show the WM menu). If I choose this option and then close the
> window, I will not be able to open this window again and I will not be able
> to change the wallpaper in a friendly way.
> There are two workarounds to fix that. One is editing the
> ~/.config/pcmanfm/lubuntu/pcmanfm.conf and changing the show_wm_menu=1 to
> show_wm_menu=0.
> The other one is to type on terminal pcmanfm --desktop-pref and
> "disclicking" the option.
> A better solution would be to remove the Advanced tab. =]
> Gabriel Salles Rousseau Guedes
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The best solution would be to activate the so called "Debian Menu" in
the advanced menu options where is included the Desktop Settings menu
(pcmanfm --desktop-pref). It's definitely not a pcmanfm bug, but an
odd setting of lubuntu. Unfortunately, i don't find the way to open
that additional menu options - i already asked for that some time ago
but didn't get any answer . . .

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