Empty spaces in lxpanel when using xfce4-power-manager

Michael Basse ubuntu at alpha-unix.de
Sun Feb 26 09:36:17 UTC 2012

Hi Henry,
thank you for the usefull infos about this topic. I will do some 
testing/reading about your suggestions. I think its not only usefull for 
this bug but a good general info about the topic debug.

Kind regards


Am 25.02.2012 12:59, schrieb Henry Gebhardt:
> On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 12:28:53AM +0100, Michael Basse wrote:
>> Maybe someone can give me a hint about debugging on something like that?
> I usually put statements like
>      fprintf(stderr, "Got this far, task %p added\n", task_pointer);
> into C code to see what it is doing until a better understanding of the
> problem emerges.
>> sometimes i saw programs having a "dpg" extension. Is that a way to
>> debug something like that? At the moment i only know strace.
> I think those add debugging info for tools like gdb and valgrind to show
> you file and line number of where a problem occurrs. I find them most
> useful for debugging segmentation faults and detecting uninitialized
> variables.
>> Maybe i should call "lxpanel" with strace and do some "ac adapter
>> on/off" actions to get some usefull output. But if someone of you has
>> another/better idea on how to debug stuff like that, any feedback is
>> welcome.
> For this particular case I ran xfce4-power-manager with cinnamon (Mint's
> version of Gnome 3), and I observed the same problem with ghost-icons in
> the systray after suspend-and-resume. This makes me think the problem is
> in x-p-m.
>> Kind regards from Germany
> Henry

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