results of lubuntu/daily-live/20120221/precise-desktop-powerpc

maps.backward at
Wed Feb 22 08:20:09 UTC 2012


some long standing ppc-specific bugs could use some confirmation, namely
* Lubuntu Software Center crashing on boot
* lubuntu-default-settings for Application Launch Bar in lxpanel
mistakenly referencing chromium-browser.desktop and not firefox.desktop

also some quirky behavior with the artwork which seems to be new but not

and a crash removing a plugin from lxpanel which i've never experienced
before. might be a fluke. not sure if it's ppc-specific or not.

lastly, ever since testing 12.04 on ppc i've had this same problem with
the display that i can't quite figure out what to file a bug against.
see previous mail here:
and also see comment on the test report. they may be related. any help
would be most appreciated.


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