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Martin Bagge / brother brother at bsnet.se
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Seems more fitting to post this here... no need to CC me as I am not
that interested in the topic. Maybe include Buntfu Linux Computers
<ronnie at buntfu.com> as CC though.

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Subject: just a quick note about chrome and other applications
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2012 07:16:37 -0000
From: Buntfu Linux Computers <ronnie at buntfu.com>
Reply-To: Buntfu Linux Computers <ronnie at buntfu.com>
To: Martin Bagge / brother <brother at bsnet.se>

first off may i humbly say that picking chromium as the default web
browser because of low memory usage is a mistake

chromium actually has much much worse memory usage than firefox.
especially when you visit sites that utilize plugins , particularly
flash... if you watch your task manager when you load chromium vs
firefox chromium wins... then go visit a site with flash video or some
other plugins and notice this "exe" chromium plugin app that shoots up
to the top of the task manager using a boat load of memory to run the
plugin that your using on the site... something in which firefox does
not do. Time and time again firefox usually has the same rep.... it uses
slightly more memory than some browser do when first launched ,,, but
has better overall memory management and they don't use tricks like some
other browser do hiding addtional memory usage under a different process

now lets get to some of the other apps..

lubuntu is wonderful i absolutely love it and plan to setup a business
around it but.... a few applications must change to be able to offer
older machines a truly full desktop without sacrificing speed (at least
not too much)

first the penguins games and got to go... they are terrible and look
horrible......   gnome-games with the data extras should be default

lxscreenshot should be included as default

get rid of mtpaint (its terrible) and use pinta as the default which is
a truly nice simple programs (yea it pulls in some mono but its worth

as for office software,,, abiword and gnumeric are ok but lets be honest
if you want people to keep their lubuntu box and really use it and
possibly do a full time switch they need to be able to get work done and
school projects finished and such. If they can't really do that well
they we leave it. its really that simple.,,, libreoffice must be
installed with gtk support and tango icon set... if you want people to
like and keep their lubuntu box this is a must (even though its heavy)

as for music  audacious has got to go... first its not that nice doesn't
offer the things that people really want and it kinda runs crappy
anyway.... i say replace it with exaile,,, its looks like a real music
player/library   it support ipods and other music players and has a nice
set of features,,, simply install gstreamer fluendo to handle the mp3
and your good to go with a honest to god nice music player that makes
sense and has features and support

Would be nice to finally see the lubuntu software center makes its
debut.. been using it a while its just keeps getting better..

also its time to release the lubuntu control center that is sitting in
the ppa  only one thing to change currently xterm needs to be installed
for the sound control to work through the control center.... not sure if
you can make it work with lxterminal or not

lxfind should be installed by default and remove the chromium browser
launch icon located in the application bar in the task bar and replace
it with lxfind and then add the task manager icon next to lxfind....
thats a setup for the task bar that makes more sense

while you at it also add a spacer after the speaker volume in the task

shotwell should also be installed be default   it actually doesn't use
to many dependancies and it handles digital cameras well,,, which is
another thing the OS should do if you truly want people to use it, stick
with it and like it.

last note  add the pidgin plugins pack to the mix so pidgin can handle
irc must better than way we don't have to worry about supplying and irc

not sure if this would be a good suggestion but maybe we should think
about including gtkorphan
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