just a quick note about chrome and other applications

Ulrich Hausmann uhausmann at netplus.ch
Wed Feb 1 09:43:00 UTC 2012

As a simple user (Lubuntu on a Mac PB G4 and a netbook) I love LXDE
environment for speed. And i'm sharing the considerations re
firefox/iceweasel. On the netbook firefox has the big advantage you
can adapt it even better to the small screen than Chromium (on the
powerpc machine chromium isn't an option at all; using iceweasel

I don't love shotwell at all and would prefer gthumb over it (for
managing photos etc.)

For the music players i'm not sure about Exaile. It looks nice, yes,
but in my experience the ipod support is not that good at all (the 1st
gen ipod isn't supported at all; only the usb models, as far as i can
see). So, i'm using banshee, for the moment.

If there would be an lxscreenhot that would be nice (for the moment,
i'm happy with the xfce screenshot utility)

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