My one wish for 12.10 - improve copy/highlight

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at
Sun Apr 29 20:30:45 UTC 2012


On 04/29/2012 08:17 AM, Lance wrote:

> I'm personally finding left-triple-click to be quite inconsistent,
> that is sometimes it works, other times not so well. With Ubuntu and
> Gnome I've always found just left-double-click to work flawlessly at
> copying code in a "box".

Interesting, and different from my own experience.  For me, double-click
fails to do that, every time, in Firefox 12.0 under Lucid 10.04.3, where
it does exactly what *I* expect a double click to do within text -- it
highlights a single word within the boxed text.

Can you provide a reproducible example of a specific OS/browser/web page
combination where triple-click on a "boxed" chunk of code fails to
highlight the line of text for you?

> Right now I'm trying to live up to a promise made regarding DE
> conversions that have become a bit more complex with the pae vs
> non-pae issue and the switch to lightdm.

Sounds intriguing -- I wonder what you promised :)

Incidentally, I think one of my own wishes for 12.10 is probably going
to be better lightdm documentation, because the current content of its
man page is minimal, and there is no man page for its config file... !
Why did the entire Ubuntu desktop community decide to switch to a DM
that has such a dearth of documentation?  I can read the sources, but
most users either can't or won't.


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