Something is missing in 12.04

DarthBrady darthbradysmail at
Sun Apr 29 01:27:12 UTC 2012

So I took a new job recently and have been too busy to install the newly
released 12.04 on my laptop until now. There seems to be one thing missing:
the Super key (windows symbol key) on my Latitude D820 Laptop doesn't open
the Menu like in previous Lubuntu releases. the other usual combinations
with the 'windows' key and the R key (to run a command) still work, but the
windows key by itself now does nothing. (I had to test on my other laptop,
which has no windows key so I didn't get to test it during beta)

I checked "./config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml" file, and there seems to be no
binding for the key. Does anyone know how to add the binding to fix this?
I've been looking it up for a while now and can't find an answer as
I don't know the proper code to add the function back to my system. Any
info would be appreciated.

D. Brady
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