My one wish for 12.10 - improve copy/highlight

Lance lbsolost at
Sat Apr 28 11:44:07 UTC 2012

I know this is likely an upstream issue but after noticing the recent improvements in lxpanel why not ask for what seems impossible ;^)

In Lubuntu (and I think all LXDE based distros) copying a line of text is more difficult than it is in Ubuntu or other Gnome based distros.

Just as an example look at the first command here:

And NO I'm not recommending everyone change from Lubuntu to Ubuntu, that has to do with the pae vs non-pae issue and some people may want a five year LTS.

Anyway it's a very long command. Using Ubuntu I can just double-click and then select copy, but with Lubuntu I must position the cursor at the beginning of the command and be sure to "drag" all the way to the right before selecting "copy".

This even has some effect during installation with the live CD. I typically change the computer name/host-name and rather than just being able to highlight the entire host-name and then entering the new name I must backspace to nothing and then enter the new host-name.

Of course this is also a detriment to copy-n-paste/highlight-n-delete/etc when creating any document and/or script.

Am I asking for the impossible? As previously mentioned I'd be loathe to even ask but the improvements in lxpanel tell me that anything is possible :^)

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