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Corbin Davenport corbin.d at
Sun Apr 22 21:23:58 UTC 2012


I hope this is the right email :) 

I was going to go download
Lubuntu for my netbook when I saw the Lubuntu 12.04 countdown on the
home page. Looking at the code I can see that a site administrator
modified my Ubuntu countdown clock I submitted for the 12.04 LTS
contest, uploaded it to Dropbox [1], and embeded it on the Lubuntu site.
They even kept the Analytics. 

I love Lubuntu and LXDE and all, but it
is just plain stealing if they don't put credit. I am kindly asking
Lubuntu's site admins to either put credit to me at the bottom of the
clock, or remove it. If the site developers wished for a Lubuntu-themed
countdown clock, they could have contacted me with the email next to my
entry. Reply if you need any more information of any kind. 


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