[lubuntu-devel] Hirsute update/upgrade of 794 packages affects wifi network manager??

James Lockie bjlockie at lockie.ca
Sat Mar 6 17:53:41 UTC 2021

I think Broadcom wifi driver is a binary blob (closed source).
Does dmesg show anything?

On March 6, 2021 11:37:41 Fritz Hudnut <este.el.paz at gmail.com> wrote:
> Maybe a driver issue. I'd go back and look at all the packages that were
> upgraded, narrow down the list to those affecting networking in any way,
> downgrade them all, confirm you have everything back to normal, and then
> upgrade them one by one until you find the problem child.
> @wxl:
> Just to follow up on this situation, since I have so many distros to "care 
> for" and since this was done through apt, I see that as an "apt problem" as 
> far as having capacity to find the packages needed to keep the system 
> viable . . . even "worse" since I was using wifi to download and upgrade 
> the system.  It's not like I was going "off book" and trying to install my 
> own network management app, or something like that, where, if I messed it 
> up, then, yes, it's on me to go through the packages and find "the problem 
> child," etc.
> I'm essentially an "end user" . . . looking for basic function of the GUI, 
> and I run apt and follow the prompts to maintain a system.  In this case 
> there were a few, "is it OK to restart packages???"  and I said, "Yes," . . 
> . but nothing showed up at the end of the process pointing to "E: wifi has 
> been damaged, we don't know why, it just happened."
> The laptop I am using for schlepper to work locations needs wifi to be 
> functional, but as far as going through "any packages associated with 
> networking" . . . somewhat loathe to put good time after bad on it.  I have 
> Lu 21.04 installed on my desktop as well, and looks like tomorrow it will 
> be up for the daily driver, I'll run apt on it and see what happens with 
> it, if anything shows up that might point to a problem . . . I can test 
> wifi on it as well.  Possibly this is a "Mac wifi card issue"????
> I checked the Add'l Drivers app in the laptop and "Broadcom xxxxxx" was 
> checked, so the drivers for it should have "registered"?????
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