[lubuntu-devel] Hirsute update/upgrade of 794 packages affects wifi network manager??

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 16:36:45 UTC 2021

> Maybe a driver issue. I'd go back and look at all the packages that were
> upgraded, narrow down the list to those affecting networking in any way,
> downgrade them all, confirm you have everything back to normal, and then
> upgrade them one by one until you find the problem child.
> @wxl:

Just to follow up on this situation, since I have so many distros to "care
for" and since this was done through apt, I see that as an "apt problem" as
far as having capacity to find the packages needed to keep the system
viable . . . even "worse" since I was using wifi to download and upgrade
the system.  It's not like I was going "off book" and trying to install my
own network management app, or something like that, where, if I messed it
up, then, yes, it's on me to go through the packages and find "the problem
child," etc.

I'm essentially an "end user" . . . looking for basic function of the GUI,
and I run apt and follow the prompts to maintain a system.  In this case
there were a few, "is it OK to restart packages???"  and I said, "Yes," . .
. but nothing showed up at the end of the process pointing to "E: wifi has
been damaged, we don't know why, it just happened."

The laptop I am using for schlepper to work locations needs wifi to be
functional, but as far as going through "any packages associated with
networking" . . . somewhat loathe to put good time after bad on it.  I have
Lu 21.04 installed on my desktop as well, and looks like tomorrow it will
be up for the daily driver, I'll run apt on it and see what happens with
it, if anything shows up that might point to a problem . . . I can test
wifi on it as well.  Possibly this is a "Mac wifi card issue"????

I checked the Add'l Drivers app in the laptop and "Broadcom xxxxxx" was
checked, so the drivers for it should have "registered"?????
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