[lubuntu-devel] mouse scroll wheel behavior in pcmanfm-qt (was: 19.4 installer has 8gig minimum disk requirement)

Mark F azdays15 at gmail.com
Thu May 2 03:21:10 UTC 2019

On Wed, May 1, 2019 at 2:12 PM Walter Lapchynski <wxl at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> ... I created a bug report upstream to advocate for an
> option in pcmanfm-qt to override the definition of what a line was. It
> was not met with success, primarily because of making it ultimately
> inconsistent with the behavior of any other program.

I respect that you're working on that. But, as I said before, I upgraded to
LXQt relatively late compared to most here. If nobody else thought the
increased velocity (of PCManFM-Qt's scrolling) was bothersome, it's not
worth pursuing.

Speaking of consistency, I don't know how other file managers work. But,
I'm on MX 18.2 now. It uses Thunar file manager. I was test-driving
Peppermint 9, which uses Nemo. They both scroll similar to how the original
PCManFM did (i.e., a similar movement to scrolling any other app installed
on the same system.).

I thought the LX crew were recreating LXDE using Qt. I thought
"consistency" (as a priority) would have prevented that accelerated
scrolling (or made it an option. Perhaps collect stats on usage and
eventually make the option the default if it proved "most people" used rows
as the denominator.). But, again, I'm the only one sensitive to it. Maybe
it's a nice feature for the community LX** is going after. Nothing wrong
with that.

I appreciate the time you've put into this. I'll probably unsubscribe soon.
I'm not using it now, and wouldn't have any use-based input to provide. I'm
going to use MX Linux for awhile, then maybe Peppermint. Maybe I'll circle
back to Lubuntu and see how LXQt evolves/matures.

BTW: In a previous message I mentioned the "empty trashcan" progress window
had a "/ 4" (after the number of files being processed). I posted that
maybe this indicates the number of errors encountered. However, another
empty of fewer files had "/ 2" and didn't display any error msgs at the
end. So, maybe that's not what it signifies.

When I was playing with deleting large quantities of files, and emptying
the trash can, something went wrong. It complained that it couldn't delete
files in the trashcan. It froze. Subsequent "empty trash can" operations
didn't do anything (even though there were lots of files showing in the
can). I rebooted and had a cryptic trashcan on my desktop. Something like
"Trash.yzf4jt5lx." A proper trashcan was present on the desktop too. I was
able to move that cryptic thing to the trashcan and empty the can.

I don't now how to recreate that. I'm just mentioning it in case the topic
arises from others. It seems like something's not working right with the
trashcan. (I saw it have errors before, unable to delete files showing in
the trashcan. Like it gets confused about what's in the trashcan, or can't
remove things that are already removed. I don't know how that would happen.
But, that freeze and cryptic file on the desktop (after reboot) was a
severe form of something I'd already seen 2-3 times. (It could have
something to do with deleting files on a USB device. And then emptying the
can when the device isn't connected.).

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