[lubuntu-devel] Lubuntu Next Blockers and Suggestions (WAS: Re: [lubuntu-users] Lubuntu Artful Aardvark Beta 1 has been released!)

Alf Gaida agaida at siduction.org
Sat Sep 2 13:13:48 UTC 2017

On 02.09.2017 09:06, Simon Quigley wrote:
> One thing I can point out for sure is this -- LXQt makes releases too
> slow for the amount of new features that are being added and in the
> development state that it is in. While I do see the importance of
> waiting until the right time to do a release, doing an LXQt release once
> every year or so is not, in my eyes, the best way to go. It would be
> great (in my opinion) if LXQt upstream could either:
>  1. Set out a time-based schedule (even if it's general (give/take a
> month)).
>  2. Once a new LXQt release has happened (and not long after), set out
> clear goals for what features want to be included and what bugs want to
> be fixed, and work towards getting those done. Once those are done,
> actually release. If bugs are found, fix them along the way.
The ground work for having a LXQt with smaller changes that fit better
to a possible release schedule is done with the latest changes in pcmanfm-qt
and libfm-qt - so if these huge changes are finally finished we can release
more often with smaller changesets - Simon is right with that. But please
keep in mind that LXDE is mature and LXQt is not. That will change in the
next two years.

Next big thing will be wayland. I admit that i don't follow the wayland
development at all that close, but the framework integration has grown over
> One way that could be accomplished is having some sort of Continuous
> Integration for LXQt. I know Alf has been working on Siduction (I don't
> know much about it, though) and I've been hacking up some scripts of my
> own. But having some sort of central CI and platform for testers could
> really help.
CI is overrated in that case - it will be nice and we should work on it. But
the best ci don't help with things like new versions (travis or circle with
current Qt or KF5 will prevent us from shooting us in one or two feets with
available Frameworks. Thats great and help a lot.)
> But my point is here, having quicker LXQt releases (maybe 6 months or
> something) would be pretty great.

See above.

> I am personally excited for when Lubuntu Next is production ready and we
> can then look at the possibility of sunsetting the LXDE spin of Lubuntu.
> While this might be a year or two in the future (I'm thinking between
> the release of 18.04 and 18.10 Alpha 1 will be when we have those
> discussions and make final plans, 18.04 cycle will be focused on
> polish), I can see it happening. The problem is, Lubuntu has been saying
> this for so long, that we're going to replace LXDE with LXQt, etc. etc.
> etc. 

Imho the current release of LXQt was the first release that fit the needs of
so called normal users and fit into debian stable - so the 0.12 will top that,
being more polished, less rough edges but still a way to go. 

To be clear about - 0.11.x fit the most of my needs as a DE, 0.12 will do
better. And i guess the most users want things that just run. So looking
forward i would say that 0.12 will be fine for lubuntu next 18.04 - did i 
mention that we can release packages now as point releases without pain as
long we don't break qtxdg and liblxqt abi? Seems we become more mature.

Cheers Alf

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