[lubuntu-devel] where to feedback on Lubuntu Next images?

Artemgy launchpad at artmg.org
Wed Aug 2 12:58:54 UTC 2017

I was thrilled to see you have produced Lubuntu Next spins for artful,
and I'm currently enjoying the Alpha2 release, which is surprisingly
usable as-is.
My question is where to check known issues and raise new issues relating
to the **overall release**. When it comes to bugs like pcmanfm-qt
crashing I know where to look, and to contribute. However, if there are
issues, for instance with configuration settings applied to this image
that might not affect LxQt itself, where should these be kept?
Great work so far, and I hope I can make at least a small contribution.I really think users will find October's release of Lubuntu Next a
viable choice!
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